Write to be Read

Hi all, berikut adalah cuplikan yang saya dapat dari suatu sumber yang tidak dapat saya sebutkan. Semoga tulisan dalam bahasa inggris ini cukup mudah dimengerti untuk bahan panduan anda dalam menulis CV dan/atau surat lamaran kerja (application letter) yang baik.

“writers should be read, but neither seen nor heard,” wrote Daphne du Maurier. Writing should be about communication, about engaging with a reader. To communicate effectively, any writer must observe certain rules and disciplines.

Write for the reader, not for yourself. The inconsistent use of figures, bad grammar or clumsy sentence structure indicates a lack of attention to detail and can be an irritating distraction. For some institution, detail and diligence are keystones of the trust between the institution and the customer. Bad writing or sloppy calculations can easily harm that trust.

If you have something to say, do it with conviction and clarity. Avoid jargon, wordiness and clichés. Vary sentence length and structure. Use short verbs. Start your piece with purpose. Announce your big idea as soon as you begin and then explain it.

Critically, write to communicate, rather than to show off. Writers may sometimes wish to ‘adopt blue-skies thinking to facilitate the holistic adoption of best practices’ – but clarity comes first.

Be idiosyncratic if you like; don’t be afraid to express yourself. But, just as important, get the basics right: check spelling, grammar, facts and consistency.


kasih komen nya doooonk.. (:

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