A Letter From A Father

This is a letter from Bishop Dale Bronner.
Here is a short list of some things that will give you a tremendous advantage over others, if you endeavor to put these concepts into practice on a daily basis. These simple ideas will take your life to another level!  Meditate on these and incorporate them into your life to make you an even more exceptional person:

•    Spend daily time in personal devotion to God – prayer, Bible reading, singing in worship.
•    Spend 30 minutes every day reading for self-improvement. Almost nobody does this. The ones who do are called rich people.
•    Don’t watch more than an hour of TV every day. Why watch other people’s lives on TV when your lives are far more important?
•    Don’t spend more than 30 minutes a day on Facebook or Twitter or other Social Media/Internet sites, unless it’s career-related.
•    Call everyone you know and want to maintain relationship with at least once every three months just to say hello. Call everyone who is meaningful to you on their birthday and call everyone who matters to you whenever they experience a life event.
•    Relationships are everything in life. Develop and grow only those relationships with people who are positive, happy, godly, upbeat and focused and avoid those who are negative, depressed and lack direction in life. Remember like attracts like. If you want to be godly and successful hang around godly, successful people.
•    Exercise every day. Make sure to include 20 – 30 minutes of aerobic exercise in with your routine. Aerobic exercise feeds your brain with oxygen, gets your metabolism going and keeps the weight off.
•    Volunteer at least 5 hours a month for some cause you believe in. You’ll not only be helping people but you will also develop strong, long-lasting relationships with good people.
•    Watch what you eat. Don’t eat more than 300 junk food calories a day.
•    Save 20% of your net pay and live off the remaining 80%. This forces you to live below your means.
•    Avoid accumulating any credit card debt. If you are then this means you are living above your means and you have to cut back.
•    Avoid negative addictive behaviors and substances.
•    Remember the 5:1 Rule. Listen for 5 minutes for every 1 minute you talk.
•    Filter every thought you have before it comes out of your mouth. Saying whatever is on your mind is a lack of self-control.
•    Control your thoughts. Thoughts become things. If you have positive, upbeat thoughts your life will mirror your thoughts. Do not let negative thoughts or sad thoughts into your mind. Cancel them out and replace them with positive, upbeat thoughts. Use daily affirmations to control your thinking.
•    Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes you make. Mistakes are good. They are the foundation upon which success is built. The only thing you need to remember about your mistakes are what you did wrong so you don’t repeat the same mistake twice. Remember, you WIN some and you LEARN some; you never LOSE until you fail to LEARN!
•    Control your emotions. Never lose your temper. Anger is a negative habit that opens the door to Satan.
•    Be thankful for what you have. Every day look back on the previous day and think of 5 things for which you are grateful. This creates a bridge over which future blessings will be brought into your life! Gratitude is the greatest deterrent to unhealthy personal pride.
•    Don’t confuse a wish with a goal. A goal is only a goal if it is 100% achievable and requires action or some physical activity. Otherwise it’s just a wish. Always have at least 1 major goal you are working towards each year.
•    Don’t gamble. Gambling is a poverty habit.
•    Listen to audio books when you’re commuting or exercising.
•    Don’t gossip. Gossip is negative and entertains an evil report about others. Remember never to advertise anyone else’s sins any more than you would advertise your own!

Do these things and watch the difference they will make in your life! It’s doing the little things in life that makes the big difference! Go to your destiny!


– quotted from A MountainWings ~


kasih komen nya doooonk.. (:

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